Coaching in Music Education Curriculum and Arts Leadership

Everyone needs a champion.  Maybe even more than one!

It is one of my greatest joys to help individual teachers reach their own goals and highest potential.

Through coaching — whether a single session or ongoing consultations — I help teachers find their own priorities, inner resource and inherent creativity to manifest their goals and dreams. I offer feedback, reframe possibilities and add wisdom to your thinking – and support you as your move forward.

What could we talk about?

Curriculum Planning

Leading professional learning

Applying for a New Job?

Applying for a New Job?

I can help you make sure your Resume and Cover Letter speak directly to the job description for which you are applying.

Coaching Sessions

If you are interested in coaching sessions, please fill the contact form below.


1 hour – $100**

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 For Team Coaching/Professional Development, please refer to the Professional Development section.