What Will Music Class Look Like – Fall 2020 and Beyond?

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May 20th – 1 PM Amsterdam time/7 PM China/7 AM New York

May 21st – 4 PM Amsterdam time/10 PM China/10 AM New York

May 27th – 9 AM Amsterdam/3 PM China/5 PM Sydney

May 27th – 6 PM Amsterdam/12 PM New York

Facilitated by Nyssa Brown, Music Ed Forward

Can we talk about music class next fall?

  • Wondering how it will look?
  • Worried that kids may not be able to sing and play instruments in music class?
  • At a loss for what we’ll teach in the fall?
  • Feeling powerless to make a difference?
  • Want some encouragement and a PLAN for how to proceed?

Here is some laser-focus support – JUST for Music Teachers!

Learn * Plan * Advocate

Hi, my name is Nyssa. I work with teachers and educational leaders like you who strive to transform music learning for students, teachers and communities. Ultimately, it is my hope this transformative process will benefit the schools of today and shape the world for the future.

My name is Nyssa Brown, and I am an International Music Education consultant, working with teachers from 6 continents.

Through my consulting work with school all over the world — including those we have already returned to in-person teaching, post COVID-19 — I have summarised and created a framework that will help you think through the possibilities for the fall:

  • Online
  • Hybrid
  • In-person

While no one can create ONE perfect plan that will work for every school, 

I HAVE created a
process to guide you and your music team to
Learn * Plan * Advocate

What you’ll get:

1) One-hour webinar with practical tips on – Staying informed – Class and course logistics – Curriculum – Planning – Advocacy – Serving your community

2) A free step-by-step framework to guide you and your team – to advocate for student learning.

3) Access to further collaboration opportunities to continue the conversation​

Ready to:

* learn more

* be empowered to plan

* advocate for students?

Join me for this free webinar.

Let's continue the conversation!

For those would wish to dive deeper, there will be an online collaboration the first week of June

If you would like a training, specific to your school/district/state, or organisation, please contact me.