Episode 16:  T.H.U.G. L.I.F.E. - The Hate U Give Little Instruments F***s Education - Part II - interview with Jasmine Fripp

In part 2 of this conversation with The Passionate Black Educator, Jasmine Fripp, highlights the importance of music educators being fluent in diverse styles of music in order to serve and empower our students as musicians and humans.  We also talk about ear training, music notation (including and beyond Western notation), and being “clouded by our own nostalgia” – and how to move ourselves forward, to the benefit of our students and communities.  Jasmine shares ideas about how we can broaden our own minds, perspectives, and skills as educators – so we can pass those possibilities along to our students. What happens when we are afraid to leave our “stoop” – and what might happen if we decide to leave our “stoops” anyways.  Tune in for some inspiration, love, and straight talk on how to move music education forward.

Jasmine Fripp

Jasmine Fripp

The Passionate Black Educator

Education Consultant and Music Educator

Charleston, South Carolina native Jasmine Fripp is the Director of Choral Activities and General Music at KIPP Nashville Collegiate High School and the founder of The Passionate Black Educator. With six years of teaching experience in public and charter schools, she has built award-winning choral programs, provided Black and Brown kids opportunities to perform as opening acts for Grammy award-winning artists, and help them complete college and professional auditions. She has also created culturally responsive general music curriculums that celebrate Black and Latinx culture.

Mrs. Fripp’s experience within education has allowed her to assist music, fine arts, and professional educators with creating classroom curriculums and structures that promote effective teaching.  She also assists collegiate and professional education programs across the country diversify their music curriculum and provides anti-racism training. Mrs. Fripp’s passion for providing Black and Brown students with a quality holistic education through music and empowering educators are the sole reasons for creating The Passionate Black Educator.

The Passionate Black Educator aims to advocate for Black and Brown students through the provision of opportunities to learn and advance through music, fine arts, and education. PBE also empowers current and future educators of all cultural backgrounds and career fields to create classroom environments where the structure allows for effective teaching, ALL cultures are celebrated within their curriculum, and solidarity is mandatory. 

Mrs. Fripp holds a Bachelors of Music Education with a concentration in Choral Music from Winthrop University.  She is a current graduate student at Belmont University under the legacy of Dr. Jeffery Ames.

Nyssa Brown: I have always believed that anything is truly possible – and my life experience reinforces this belief. I have had the honor of teaching in schools in 5 different countries and facilitating professional development for teachers from 6 continents. And just when my mind and heart seem full, there is a person or an experience that broadens my world even further.


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