Episode 6:  
What 2020 Has Taught Me - Part 2: I Believe in the Inner Gold

2020 and pandemic teaching has caused many teachers to question their effectiveness, suitability for the profession, and – in difficult moments – their worth as a teacher.  This podcast takes head-on the mounting layers of beliefs, stories, and challenges that can overwhelm us in times such as these – and offers a practice for ourselves, as well as members of our trusted communities, to bring us back to our true selves. You are invited to listen to the podcast, invite a close colleague and/or friend to do the same, and to support one another through the story and practice herein.

Nyssa Brown: I have always believed that anything is truly possible – and my life experience reinforces this belief. I have had the honor of teaching in schools in 5 different countries and facilitating professional development for teachers from 6 continents. And just when my mind and heart seem full, there is a person or an experience that broadens my world even further.


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